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Catholic Physicians Guild of Phoenix

Upholding the Principles of the Catholic Faith in the Practice of Medicine

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The Catholic Physicians Guild of Phoenix
a Chartered Guild of the Catholic Medical Association

We come together as the Phoenix Guild of the Catholic Medical Association in order to grow in our understanding of the moral and ethical principles of our Catholic Faith. We seek to engage and live our call to holiness, to grow in our love of God, and to support one another as faithful Catholics.

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for further information about the Annual Conference October 13-15 in Washington, DC. Note CMA member discounts!

this is a marvelous gathering of health care givers, clergy, religious, family members, and friends, listening to a distinguished faculty presenting Catholic teaching in a context of health care.
Daily Mass, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Rosary, Confessions, Fellowship


May 2015

June 2015 

George Delgado, MD

RU-486 Reversal

Joint Meeting with 1st Way

Pregnancy Center


August 2015 -- Fr. Matt Henry, Compassion in Health Care. Christ the King Parish, Mesa.

Hosted by Council 3419

Knights of Columbus


September 2015 -- Fr. John Lankeit, Contraception. DPC Med School


October 2015 -- Jim Statt, MD, The Need for Study in the Development of Spirituality. DPC Med School

Bishop James Conley of the Diocese of Lincoln Nebraska was the White Mass Keynote Speaker at the 2015 White Mass at the DPC - Phoenix Country Club


November 2015  Nik Nikas, Esq., Bioethics Defense Fund on end of life issues at the DPC Med School


December 2015 Advent Reflection with Bishop Olmsted. DPC


January 11, 2016 Cynthia Miley MD, and Robert Way Esq presented a case on refusing to cooperate with family and employer dictated (stealth) euthanasia. DPC Med School


 February  8, 2016, Deidre Wilson, DO, various Fertility Awareness Based Methods of natural family planning explained. DPC Med School


March 14, 2016 Lenten Reflection followed Adoration, Confessions, Benediction and Mass with Father Greg Menegay, 1st Way Pregnancy Center Chaplain. At 1st Way Pregnancy Center 3501 N. 16th St. Phoenix


April no meeting


May 9, 2016

Mike Phelan, Director of Marriage and Respect Life, Diocese of Phoenix

Into the Breach

Hosted by Council 9287

St Thomas Apostle Parish, Phoenix

Knights of Columbus

June 20, 2016

Lori Carrillo, MD

Obstetrician - Gynecologist

An Overview of Hormonal and Chemical Birth Control

Joint Meeting with 1st Way Pregnancy Center

Hosted by Council 12708

Cathedral Parish, SS Simon & Jude

Knights of Columbus


JULY -- no meeting

August 8, 2016

Sr. Anthony Mary Diago, RSM

The Consecrated Life

Hosted by Council 15576

Mater Misericordiae Mission, Phoenix

Knights of Columbus

September 12, 2016

film: HUSH The Documentary

Christ the King Parish Mesa

Hosted by Council 3419

Knights of Columbus

September 23-25

Annual Retreat

Redemptorist Renewal Center


Fr. Ignatius Mazanowski FHS


Save the Date

November 14, 2016

Monday Evening

Monthly Meeting

To be announced

Save the Date
Friday December 9th 6:30 PM
Advent Reflection
Bishop Thomas Olmsted
Diocesan Pastoral Center
400 E. Monroe
no Mass

Does the Pope allow contraception in exceptional circumstances (Zika, birth defects)?


The position of the magisterium is unchanged since before the Didache in 100 A.D., Council of Nicea, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Council of Trent, Casti Connubii, Humanae Vitae, Veritatis Splendor, or any other of the many and consistent teachings of the Church on marriage.


Amoris Laetitia

Did the Pope's Exhortation just make way for some people living in mortal sin, to receive Communion?


...even the Pope can't contradict doctrine (1Cor 11:27, Matt 19:9, Mark 10:11). But he does want everyone to feel more welcome at Mass.


Is nutrition and hydration a moral requirement for those in a persistent vegetative state?



Morally speaking, nutrition and hydration, even if delivered by feeding tube (at least where it can be done with a simple surgical procedure -- most places in the world) is no longer considered extraordinary care of a person who would die without it. A person cannot be permitted to die from neglect.  Withdrawal of extraordinary and disproportionate means of keeping someone alive, however, is permitted.  See:

Persons faced with difficult decisions such as whether care is extraordinary would do well to contact the Phoenix Diocesan Medical Ethics Board at:

the National Catholic Bioethics Center

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White Mass

Phoenix Catholic Physicians Guild

Saturday October 15, 2016

Mass 6:00 PM

Diocesan Pastoral Center

400 E. Monroe


Banquet to follow at Phoenix Country Club with Archbishop Cordileone


Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone

of San Francisco

send name(s) and check to:

Catholic Physicians Guild Phoenix

3401 E. Squawbush Place

Phoenix AZ 85044

Students: your checks will be returned to you (only) at the banquet

Apologies if you did not get an invitation. Please let us know


Health care students



and form a CMA chapter at your school. Medical student CMA member applicants are selected to attend the annual "Boot Camp" at the seminary in Philadelphia for a 4 day intensive study of Catholic bioethics, philosophy, and theology in June of 2016 ... OR to attend the annual conference this October 13-15 in Washington, DC. Join the student CMA! Rewarding, enlightening. Cheap.

For assistance or for speakers at your student events, email

Dr. James Asher, at


Recent question received:

After a certain number of C-sections, or other (static, non-emergency) damage to the uterus, does the Church allow uterine isolation resulting in tubal ligation-sterilization? see:

In a word, No. An attempt was made to base argument on principle of double effect but it never was a very good one. You can remove a diseased organ that has potential to hurt the body (e.g. uterine cancer) because you're removing cancer, and a hysterectomy is incidental to this -- the unwanted -- double -- effect. Condemned in 1993.

 The Catholic Physicians Guild is a component of the Catholic Medical Association, a national organization of Catholic Health Care Givers. We seek support, solidarity, and conscience formation among ourselves as we try to live the teachings of the Church in the care we give and in our personal lives.

CMA: "Upholding the principles of the Catholic Faith in the science and practice of medicine"